The motto of the restaurant ‘Na-Detsu-Do-Gazdy’ in one of  Trans-Carpathian dialect means ‘to drop by and have some drinks with a host’. 

Zakarpatska kolyba’s special thrill is created with the help of palatable home cuisine, reasonably priced hefty portions and great atmosphere for socializing and relaxing. 

‘Na-Detsu-Do-Gazdy’ is a right place for having wedding and banquet celebrations, arranging a corporate party or negotiating business affairs, making romantic appointment or taking early breakfast or business lunch. 

Those who were born in Trans-Carpathians make themselves home only here, in good vibes of Zakarpatska kolyba’s nice atmosphere. 

Have you never been to Trans-Carpathians, and never visited Mukacheve, Uzhgorod and other places of Carpathian Mountains? So it is now the right time to taste true cuisine and feel well-known hospitality by plunging into right atmosphere of Trans-Carpathians created also on restaurant’s walls with the help of old ukrainian castles by famous artists. 

Here they know everything about traditions and cuisine of Trans-Carpathians, as the master of restaurant comes from Trans-Carpathians. He established restaurant in the heart of Kyiv city to attract you to the best ukraininan folk customs and traditions. By visiting ‘Na-Detsu-do-Gazdy’ you will feel yourself a real gutsul and will long for your next good vibes from atmosphere of Trans-Carpathians!